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Wine Pairings for Any Occaision

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There is nothing more special than you… on a Tuesday Night.

Ok, I am here to say that while I do believe that a great bottle of wine is the perfect pairing for those special celebratory nights, there are other occasions that pair perfectly with a great bottle of wine!

The Pairings

Donkey & Goat Twinkle Mourvedre

Pairing #1: Tuesday Night

Nothing says adulting like a Tuesday night spent paying bills and reviewing all the things you could have said during that big meeting. Pair all this midweek adulting with a chillable red. It’s ready for business but 2021 style. Less backroom cigar deals and more matching tie dyed lounge sets and feet on the coffee table while you answer emails.


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Denny Bini Spuma Lambrusco Frizzante

Pairing #2: Poolside Hangs

The pool is calling to you! Well this little beauty wants in on the party. Nothing goes better with sparkling blue water, lounge chairs and bikinis than something crisp and bubbly! Might we suggest this light and lovely dry Lambrusco Rosé?


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Elios Modus Bibendi Macerato Bianco

Pairing #3: The Latest Netflix Binge

We’ve all been sucked into the latest show that has us hanging on every new plot twist and misadventure. Well, skin-contact whites are in for every single complicated minute of it. They are just as full of unexpected delights!


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