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Tinned Fish Tuesdays at Small Wine Shop

Tinned Fish Plate and a Glass of Wine for $15 Every Tuesday!

Tinned Fish Tuesdays! 🍷🐟

Hey, folks! Starting Tuesday, August 1st, we’re diving deep (see what we did there?) into the fabulous world of tinned fish. No, it’s not your ordinary canned stuff; we’re talking about the one-and-only Ati Manel Conservas from Portugal.

Quick low-down on Ati Manel: They’re not just about tinning fish. They’re on a mission to bottle up the pure essence of the ocean. Each tin captures a piece of Portugal’s sea, sun, and soul. Check out their story here.

For 15 bucks, ride a wave of taste with a glass of Spanish wine paired perfectly with a plate of Ati Manel sardines or patés. Drop by, hang out, and let’s make Tuesdays the new Friday! 🥂🌊

P.S. Wear your best fishy attire if you feel like it. We won’t judge! 😉

Ati Manel Sardines in Olive Oil