Yumbel Estacion Pipeño Pais


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Vintage: 2019
Region: Bio Bio Valley, Chile
Viticulture: Organic
Varieties: Pais

Yumbel Estacion Pipeño Pais is made of Pais sourced from ancient vines in the Bio Bio Valley. Juicy, dark, and smoky with grippy tannins.

Song: You Never Can Tell by Chuck Berry

Out of stock

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About Yumbel Estacion Pipeño Pais

Yumbel Estacion Pipeño Pais is made of Pais sourced from ancient vines in the Bio Bio Valley. Juicy, dark, and smoky with grippy tannins.

About Agricola Yumbel Estacion

Mauricio ‘Mauro’ Gonzalez is a long-time veteran of the wine industry. He knows the prettified cellar sorcery of the modern winery inside and out. That’s why he went so hard the other way. Mauricio grows 4 hectares of old vines in Yumbel’s volcanic terroir. He vinifies in a dirt-floored, slat-roofed ‘winery’. He uses historic open-topped ‘Pipas’. Nothing else resembling the gleaming cellar craft he built his skills with. You might expect his kind of primitive setup to churn out rustic wines. But in this way, Mauricio’s classical pedigree really shows. His wines are living relics but they’re utterly clean and gorgeous. Ultimately, this is vinification with historic methods and without sulfite additions.

About the Vineyard

“I don’t work with anything I don’t farm myself,” Mauro says proudly. Years of working in conventional wineries in the north changed his outlook. It became increasingly important to Mauro and his wife Daniella that they control the land themselves. Mauro does almost everything himself. Importer Alvaro de la Viña calls him “a true Chilean vigneron.” The Pipeño comes from a 1.5 ha parcel of ~150-year-old, bush-vine Païs. The vines on the valley floor have never seen pesticides. The vines here thrive in fertile black, volcanic soil.

About the Winemaking

“It’s nothing new,” says Mauro of his winemaking. “It’s going back to the old way, I’m not inventing anything.” Chilean winemaker Roberto Henriquez describes Mauro’s Pipeño as one of the best and most authentic. The pipeño term has become diluted. Often it is casually used as a way to describe fresher style Païs. But Mauro follows the historic method. He uses an old manual crusher de-stemmer machine that he shares with a few other local wineries. , Mauro destems Païs into 60-year-old ‘Pipas’. These are historic conical fermenters that lend the style its name. The pipas wood comes from Rauli, a slow-growing, dense red oak that is native to Chile. It is the traditional wood of winemaking and homesteading. There is very little Rauli left thanks to Chile’s reckless forestry industry. Mauro’s Pipeño is both fermented and aged in Pipas without fining, filtration, or added sulfite.


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