Wine Chips Sweet Coconut Curry


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Wine Chips Sweet Coconut Curry is a spicy and sweet meets tropical beach type of treat. Try with lush white wines like Albarino and Chenin.

9 in stock

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About Wine Chips Sweet Coconut Curry

Wine Chips Sweet Coconut Curry is an homage to the storied regions of Northeastern India, bordering the Himalayas of Nepal and overlooking the Indian Ocean’s beautiful Bay of Bengal, the cuisine is as varied as it is delicious. Coconut, although more commonly found in Thai and Indonesian cuisines, has found its way into a few select dishes from these regions, and our favorite is a sweet coconut curry with influences stretching across southeastern Asia.

About Wine Chips

Wine Chips were born from three distinct loves:

– The love of wine

– The love of cheese

– The love of simplicity

One evening, over a glass of wine, and pining for something deliciously easy to pair with it, the Makers of Wine Chips closed their eyes and pictured the ideal snack companion; something so simple, so portable, and yet so cheese-ladened that they would never again have unrequited cravings when drinking their favorite wines! And just like that (OK, it also took a lot of experimenting, a lot of wine, a lot of samples, and the dedication of more than a few passionate oenophiles, exuberant chip connoisseurs, and some mildly lazy party guests), the Wine Chip was born! A gourmet snack made to pair with wine and ready at a moment’s notice!

Pairing Ideas
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