Urbitarte Sagardotegia Urbitarte Cider


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Vintage: 2019
Region: Goierri, Basque Region, Spain
Viticulture: Integrated Viticulture
Apple varieties: A variety of indigenous Basque apples

Urbitarte Sagardotegia Urbitarte Cider is fermented naturally from indigenous apples, without any added sugars, sweeteners, or yeasts.

Song: Solar Power by Lorde

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About Urbitarte Sagardotegia Urbitarte Cider

Urbitarte Sagardotegia Urbitarte Cider is fermented naturally from indigenous apple varieties, without any added sugars, sweeteners, or commercial yeasts. The end result is a dry, still, refreshingly acidic, and tart cider. Fresh acidity with complex tart and musty flavors. Traditionally served with a cod omelet, chorizo, and freshly carved steaks. Belgian Sour Beer and Lambic drinkers will fall in love with this Basque cider!

About Urbitarte Sagardotegia 

Artisans of natural cider, Urbitarte is a traditional family owned cider house located in the heart of the Goierri, surrounded by the Aralar Mountains in the Basque Country. Every part of the production process is done manually providing a product that is natural, unique and extraordinary.

In 1991 Demetrio Terradillos and Itziar Irastorza opened the Urbitarte cider house. Back then they had five barrels and 16,000 liters production each year. Even though they hadn’t got an apple press in the place, their idea always was to produce cider with local apples grown in the Basque Region.

In 1993 they acquired more barrels and enlarged the dining area. The cider house has changed since then, but the dining area maintained its essence and size. Instead of outsourcing the cider production, they obtained a new apple press. Since then, the way of making cider has changed considerably, but the apple is still the main focus of their product. Every year their production had increased, and today the production has risen to 150,000 liters.

In 2006 the construction of the new building was finished, and today is where the production and bottling are done.