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The Wine Zine Issue 4


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It’s not just wine that has been off-limits to too many of us for far too long: so has the conversation around it. The Wine Zine is a magazine for everyone who has ever had a glass of natural wine and had something to say about it. We love curious, impassioned, smart conversations about the people, places, and ideas in natural wine: no gatekeeping, no bad vibes, no dumb questions.

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About The Wine Zine

The Wine Zine is a biannual print publication about the culture, ideas, and people behind natural wine. Each issue features original content by writers, illustrators, photographers, and winemakers exploring natural wine, its origins, key figures, and thoughts.

About Katherine Clary

Katherine Clary is a writer, editor, and producer based in New York. She is the creator of the Wine Zine, a bi-annual publication for makers, purveyors, merchants, and drinkers of natural wine.

About Issue 4

  • Portugal is for Dreamers by Cha McCoy
  • A Label I Love: Jolie-Laide by Daniel Fuller
  • Travel Journal: USA by Cole Wilson
  • Consider The…by laura Bannister
  • The Land of Wine and Weed: Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley by Farrah Berrou
  • Recipe: Roasted Grape Granita by Kia Damon
  • Conventional Wine Additives by Chelsie Craig
  • In Conversation: Miami by Bianca Sanon and Karina Inglesias
  • They Make Natural Wines in Texas, Don’t They by Jenny Eagleton
  • From Cells to Grapes by Sydney Love
  • Does Natural Champagne Exist by Harriet Gifford
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