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Tenuta di Artimino Centocamini Rosso Toscano


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Vintage: 2018
Region: Carmignano, Tuscany, Italy
Viticulture: Sustainable
Grape varieties: Sangiovese and other local grapes

Tenuta di Artimino Centocamini Rosso Toscano is a full bodied and pleasantly fresh red wine. Red fruit, cherry, and violet aromas.

Song: Harmony Hall by Vampire Weekend

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About Tenuta di Artimino Centocamini Rosso Toscano

Tenuta di Artimino Centocamini Rosso Toscano is a full bodied and pleasantly fresh red wine. Red fruit, cherry, and violet aromas.

About Tenuta di Artimino

From the Winery: In Artimino the passion for wine comes from the distant past, back to the Etruscans. The Medici family first sparked interest in quality wine, in particular with the edict of Cosimo I of 1716. Since the 1980s the Tenuta di Artimino has been owned by the Olmo family: the third generation, now at the helm, has chosen to focus on sustainable and responsible agriculture, honoring this ancient history and centuries-old traditions. 70 hectares of splendid vineyards surround the Medici Villa La Ferdinanda (Unesco world heritage site), with noble vines such as Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon, said to have been brought by Catherine de Medici. These are wines from a secluded, more authentic Tuscany, where the pace of life is still marked by the rhythms of nature and the countryside. The philosophy of wine is a way of being, a set of values that influences each individual choice in a responsible way. Wine is a cultural product. The wines of Tenuta di Artimino are the result of the work of a team of people who invest time and energy from the vineyard to the cellar, up to promotion. The theme of sustainability in wine, both environmental and economic, guides us and is our beacon for the future. The environment is our most precious asset, the one we want to leave even more beautiful for future generations. Meanwhile, Tradition is our starting point: the teachings of the old farmers, the traditions of wine in Tuscany, and ancient artisan practices are integrated with the new product innovations and technologies available to us today. Each bottle of wine from Tenuta di Artimino connects the history of the Medici estate to a vision of the wine of the future. The sustainability of wine is a topic dear to us. For years we have explored the role of organic agriculture, considering if there was any label that could accurately reflect the way we farm. We believe in clean vineyard management: we only do manual weeding; we have reduced the use of chemicals to a minimum. In the vineyard, the method of natural deterrents is used to keep unwanted and harmful insects away from our plants. We plant field beans and legumes so that the soil stays healthy and is not depleted of substances useful for viticulture, with the green manure method. The grapes arrive in the cellar in a very short time during the harvest, so there is no need to intervene afterward, having guaranteed the quality and healthiness of the raw material. We also believe that sustainability cannot be limited to caring for the environment and respect for nature, but we also pay attention to people and economic sustainability, the true engine of every company. We choose suppliers who guarantee an approach in line with our values: respect for the environment and people, quality, and at the forefront of best practices.

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