Swick Wines Bring It Red


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Vintage: 2021
Region: Oregon & Washington
Viticulture: Organic & Biodynamic
Grape varieties:  Pinot Noir, Syrah, Grenache Noir, Mourvedre, Touriga Nacional, Gewurztraminer

Swick Wines Bring It Red is always a representation of the vintage as a whole at Swick Wines. Smoky fruit, tanned leather, and earthy spice on the palate.

Song: Portals – Alan Silvestri

3 in stock

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About Swick Wines Bring It Red

Swick Wines Bring It Red is always a representation of the vintage as a whole at Swick Wines. The 2021 harvest brought some amazingly complex Pinot Noir from top-notch terroir that was used as the base for this wine. Syrah contributes smoke and leather, Touriga brings the dark cherry, and Gewürztraminer adds a floral aromatic embellishment. Would be delicious served alongside a warming dish of beef bourguignon.

About Swick Wines

Swick Wines’ philosophy is to make wines as naked and raw as possible. can while having them be fun and delicious. The winery works with organic vineyards in Oregon and Washington State. They love wines with acid and freshness and make wine they love to drink. No conventional additives. Just grapes and (sometimes) a very small amount of SO2 to keep the wine stable in the bottle. Wine is a fermented beverage that should not be a trophy or a status symbol. Wines made in this fashion are artisanal products. These wines reflect their artist and terroir with no maquillage.

About Joe Swick

Joe Swick is a native of Oregon. After a decade of working harvests and making wine across the globe, he returned home in 2013. Joe’s ethos is showcasing the unique cold climate terroirs of the Pacific Northwest. He achieves this by using a hands-off approach. Swick partners exclusively with organic and biodynamic growers. Joe strives to develop wines that he himself would like to drink. These wines are fresh and lively with acidity. There are no conventional additives used. He only adds modest amounts of SO2 on select wines when absolutely necessary.

About the Winemaking

Swick Wines integrate itself into a movement looking to rewrite the history of West Coast winemaking. Joe uses many minimal intervention techniques. His experimentation ranges from skin contact to field blends to Pét-Nats. Swick works with historically farmed regional varieties. Some include Pinot Noir, Chenin Blanc, and Grenache. He also experiments with non-native grapes such as Verdelho, Melon de Bourgogne, and Touriga Nacional.

What ends up in the glass is an energetic vins de soif. There are freshness and balanced acidity that reflect their artist, terroir, and space in time. Each year brings new wines and a new approach. You never know what surprises you might find with Swick.

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