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Sulin Vinery Sweet Sol Malvasia Rosso


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Vintage: 2020
Region: Monferrato, Italy
Viticulture: Sustainable
Grape varieties: 100% Malvasia

Sulin Vinery Sweet Sol Malvasia Rosso is a red wine for our wine lovers with a sweet tooth. Juicy, saturated berry fruit, and candied notes.

Song: Sweet Disposition by The Tender Trap

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Out of stock

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About Sulin Vinery Sweet Sol Malvasia Rosso

Sulin Vinery Sweet Sol Malvasia Rosso is a red wine for our wine lovers with a sweet tooth. Juicy, saturated berry fruit, and candied notes on the palate.

About Sulin Vinery

In the very heart of the Monferrato region, a land steeped in ancient civilization, history, and beauty, wherefrom every hill you can admire the enchanting landscape and unrivaled natural views, the Fracchia Family has been working in the winemaking sector since Vittorio Fracchia founded the business in 1919. The farm has now reached the fourth generation, keeping the same basic values and approach to winemaking unaltered. For the new millennium, Mauro and Fabio Fracchia have decided to start up a new project, the Sulin Farm, which gathers all the vineyards owned by the family in order to create a business exclusively focused on the growing and enhancement of such vineyards, capable of proposing itself – in a dynamic and competitive way on the international markets.

In the dialect of the region, Sulin means sunny and the vineyards of the Fracchia Family certainly deserve this appellation, thanks to their southward location, on hilltops or along rounded hills, fully exposed to the heat of the sun. The “Sulin” soil is calcareous and therefore particularly suitable for wine growing, infusing grapes with a sturdy and characteristic ripening.

Great wines begin in the vineyard. The wine’s body and character come in large part from the grapes, whose quality, sugar content, and flavors depend on factors like vine varietal, clone type, planting layout, and culture techniques. Managing the fermentation and aging of the wine in the cellar is certainly important, but the influence of the grapes on the final result cannot be understated. The basic approach to growing superior grapes is simple: small quantity makes better quality. Vineyards are planned, planted, and cared for in such a way as to obtain the number of grapes per plant that gives the best possible quality.

Monferrato and its landscape: beautiful vistas of vineyards, fields, and meadows are what you see from the top of a small typical Monferrato village. Queen of the Monferrato is the Vineyard, marking the changing seasons with her garbs: the lively light green of spring, the elegant emerald green of summer, the glorious and festive red, yellow, and green of autumn, and the somber brown and grey of winter.

The UNESCO committee during the session convened in Qatar in June 2014 announced that Landscapeswine of Piedmont, Langhe-Roero, and Monferrato, have become part of the small list of sites worthy of the title of World Heritage.