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Slavic Wines, Slovakia and Slovenia: A Wine Tasting


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Thursday February 8thth • 6:30 to 8:30

Are you ready for a wine tasting from another OG wine region? This month, we’ve got Slovakia and Slovenia for you! Tim has carefully curated six natural wines from Slovenia and Slovakia for this tasting. Each bottle has been handpicked from Slovenia’s lush vineyards to Slovakia’s picturesque landscapes to showcase the unique flavors and traditions of these two ancient wine regions. 

The winemakers in Slovenia and Slovakia draw inspiration from centuries-old techniques, emphasizing organic and biodynamic practices. You’ll find diverse flavors, from crisp, mineral-driven whites to robust, earthy reds, showcasing indigenous grape varieties. These natural wines embody a rich tradition, terroir, and a commitment to sustainable viticulture. 

With their distinct character, Slovakian natural wines reflect the unique microclimates of the region that encapsulate the spirit of the land. Both Slovenia and Slovakia have joined the natural wine renaissance, producing bottles that are not only delicious but also tell a story of respect for nature and a deep connection to their roots.

Join us and experience these wines for yourself! 

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