Robb de Matt R&B Vino Rosato


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Vintage: 2021
Region: Campania, Italy
Viticulture: Organic
Grape varieties: native red and white grapes from the entire 2021 harvest

Robb de Matt R&B Vino Rosato is a blend of native red and white grapes from the 2021 harvest. A ‘farmer’s rosé’ with crunchy red fruit and tannins.

Song: You Enjoy Myself by Phish

5 in stock

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About Robb de Matt R&B Vino Rosato

Robb de Matt R&B Vino Rosato is a blend of native red and white grapes from the entire 2021 production. A ‘farmer’s rosé’ with crunchy red fruit and tannins.

This rosé wine is a press-only wine, it is the whole of the pressing soft of white and red grapes of the entire 2021 production. The wine is aged on the fine lees in 54-liter glass demijohns for 6 months at the end of which it is bottled. Only one transfer was made. No filtration, clarification, or addition of sulfites.

About Robb de Matt Winery

Robb De Matt Winery was born in Foglianise, in the province of Benevento, Campania. It produces natural wines following an artisanal process: the grapes ferment spontaneously in prolonged contact with the skins, and different types are vinified together giving life to mixed varieties. No temperature control, use of indigenous yeasts, no filtration, no oenological additives.

The grapes, all hand-picked, ferment in open-contact vats with prolonged contact with skins and without temperature control. The vines of their plots are of at least 20 years, treated only with sulfur and copper, and identified and selected in different areas of the Taburno.

As per peasant tradition, their wines are often mixed varieties and vinified together. Fermentations are spontaneous, activated by indigenous yeasts present on grapes without the use of adjuvants or oenological additives, therefore using only indigenous yeasts and bacteria, totally excluding selected yeasts, clarifications or stabilizations. No filtration and no addition of sulfur dioxide, nor
in the phase of vinification and bottling. The wines, after only one racking and months of permanence in glass or steel contact with the fine lees, are bottled manually. These wines are true gems of Campania.


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