Radio-Coteau Wingtine Chardonnay


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Vintage: 2018
Region: Sonoma Coast, California, United States
Viticulture: Organic and Sustainable
Grape varieties: 100% Chardonnay

Radio-Coteau Wingtine Chardonnay is an elegant balance of lively acidity and richness. Bright aromas of nectarine, orange blossom, and apricot.

Song: Where Is the Love by Roberta Flack

4 in stock

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About Radio-Coteau Wingtine Chardonnay

Radio-Coteau Wingtine Chardonnay is an elegant balance of lively acidity and richness. Bright aromas of nectarine, orange blossom, and apricot.

About Radio-Coteau Winery

In the summer of 2012, Radio-Coteau acquired a historic 42-acre estate vineyard and ranch located on a ridgetop above the town of Occidental. Originally named Joseph Morelli & Sons before Prohibition, the Lemorel winery (as it was later known) dates back to 1892, when the first vines were planted. The property is situated 800 feet above sea level and is a diverse agroecosystem settled on prized Goldridge soil. We continue to maintain the established blocks of Syrah and old-vine Zinfandel and recently replanted existing acreage to Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Riesling.

Eric Sussman’s own history with the property dates back to the early 2000s. While scouting vineyard sites for the first Radio-Coteau vintage, one interest lay in old dry-farmed Zinfandel, unique in California. He met and began a relationship with Robert Von Weidlich, the property owner at that time. The 2002 Radio-Coteau Von Weidlich Zinfandel was the first product of that collaboration.

About the Terroir of the Estate

The estate lies ten miles from the ocean on a ridgetop above Occidental, where the land is uniformly comprised of fine sandy loam Goldridge soil – the remnants of an ancient seabed, revered for providing excellent drainage and moderate fertility. Vine roots extend low into the subsoil, which enables them to access water reserves late in the growing season, making it possible to continue dry-farming the old-vine Zinfandel plantings of 1946. A part of the Sonoma Coast but bordering on the Green Valley and Russian River Valley AVAs, the area experiences moderate rainfall seasonally through the winter months. The cool coastal climate provides extended ripening and good flavor development. This distinctive terroir provides the platform for our non-interventionist winegrowing practices, encapsulating our intention to preserve, capture, reflect, and respect the property’s unique sense of place.

About Sustainability

The property lies on a ridgetop that feeds three different watersheds: Purrington Creek, Upper Green Valley, and Dutch Bill Creek. Conservation and sustainability are core values, not just to protect these important ecosystems but also to nurture and preserve the vitality of the farm. To protect native wildlife and migratory pathways, more than 10% of the total acreage has been left undisturbed, and they’ve implemented the following conservation practices:

  • Various pollinators and hedgerows were planted to provide vital pollen sources and nesting habitats for native bees and beneficial insects, as well as birds and other wildlife.
  • Cover cropping is an important part of maintaining the health and vitality of the vineyard blocks. The grasses and legumes planted in the fall add important organic matter to the soil while helping to sustain soil microbes and prevent topsoil loss from erosion.
  • Along with various human methods, goats are utilized to remove invasive, non-native plant species, making room for replanting more desired native oak trees and perennial shrubs.
  • Owl boxes and raptor perches were constructed to control the gopher population, with bat and bluebird boxes added to reduce insect outbreaks. Native bee boxes help pollinate the many fruit trees, flowering perennials, and annual plants around the estate.
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