Quinta de Segade Mica Vinho Verde


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Vintage: 2016
Region: Vinho Verde, Portugal
Viticulture: Certified organic
Grape varieties: 50% Azal, 20% Loureiro, 20% Trajadura, and10% Pedernã

The 2016 Mica is composed of the local Loureiro, Alvarinho, Trajadura, and Azal varietals, creating an incredibly complex and serious Vinho Verde. The soils from which the grapes are grown are rich in granite and loaded with minerals of mica, quartz, and feldspar. Their intense brightness amplifies the effect of the rays of light, essential for the proper maturation of the grapes. Being that Mica is one of the dominant elements in the
vineyards from which this deliciously fresh and mineral wine comes from, the bottle takes its name. The cool climate and fresh grapes produce remarkable acidity to accompany the depth of fruit and minerality in the wine, and it is bottled without the addition of CO2 like many of the wines from this region. The pure display of electric fruit and crunchy stone makes the Mica a beautiful accompaniment to shellfish and crisp salads.

Wrestler: Will Ospreay

3 in stock

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