Porta del Vento Voria Bianco


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Vintage: 2020
Region: Sicily, Italy
Viticulture: Organic and Biodynamic
Grape varieties: 100% Catarratto

Porta del Vento Voria Bianco is a sparkling wine obtained from Catarratto grapes grown in organic and biodynamic vineyards in Sicily.

Song: Breaking the Waves by Current Joys

Out of stock

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About Porta del Vento Voria Bianco

Porta del Vento Voria Bianco is a sparkling wine obtained from Catarratto grapes grown in organic and biodynamic vineyards in Sicily.

About Porta del Vento

Porta del Vento, extends for eighteen hectares on the hills of the territory of Camporeale in the province of Palermo, at about six hundred meters above sea level, in the Alcamo doc and Monreale doc area, of which fourteen are planted with vineyards. Sandy soils on sandstone crust. The vineyards are mainly trained with saplings and are almost fifty years old, facing north following the steep slopes of the steep terrain. The place is particularly windy with strong temperature variations. The cultivation is biodynamic and organic, both certified. The soil is cultivated without any use of synthetic products. The winery tries to understand and maintain the balance of wild herbs, increasing biodiversity. The yield of grapes per hectare is low, about forty quintals. The harvest is done by hand. The grapes are sent immediately to the cellar where fermentation takes place. Porta del Vento lets nature take its course and that the harmony and energy of the plants are transmitted from the grapes to the wine, fully expressing the territory to which they belong.

About Catarratto

Catarratto is a Sicilian white grape variety that may well be the most widely planted grape variety in Italy. According to the 2010 Italian grape census, which distinguishes between Catarratto Bianco Comune and the less common but better quality Catarratto Bianco Lucido, probably two clones of the same variety, plantings still totaled 34,793 ha/ nearly 86,000 acres, despite EU efforts to diminish this total. The variety is planted almost exclusively in the far western province of Trapani and was in the past much used for the production of marsala. Today, it can be expected that much of the vine’s produce is regarded as surplus and is therefore either compulsorily distilled by the EU, or transformed into grape concentrate. Despite its profusion, the variety is specified in the regulations of just three doc zones; familiarity seems to have bred the usual contempt from locals.

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