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Pinot Noir Mini Tasting: Different Colors Different Places


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Wednesday January 31st • 6:30 to 8:30

Get ready for a tasting all about that darling of the red wine world: Pinot Noir! This red wine varietal is celebrated for its delicate and nuanced flavors and in this tasting, you’ll have the chance to discover more expressions of Pinot Noir than you thought possible! When you think Pinot Noir, you probably think about France or Oregon, but great Pinot Noirs come from all over the world, and wherever they come from, the good ones reflect the place they were grown and the climate and ecosystem that nurtured them.

From light and fruity styles that are perfect for sipping on a sunny day to rich and complex Pinot Noirs that pair beautifully with hearty meals Pinot Noir, this tasting has lots for you to love! Tim will walk you through the unique characteristics of the regions and vineyards where the grapes were grown and how these factors contribute to the distinctive qualities of each wine.

If you are new to Pinot Noir or you and Pinot Noir have had a thing going on for years, you’ll learn something new while sipping some genuinely outstanding wine. Join us for this fun exploration of the Pinot Noir!


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