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Orveli Winery Alazani Valley Saperavi


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Vintage: 2020
Region: Kakheti, Georgia
Viticulture: Sustainable
Grape varieties: 100% Saperavi

Orveli Winery Alazani Valley Saperavi has a strong varietal bouquet. Its pleasant taste of ripe berries, chocolate, and vanilla is harmonious.

Song: Any Way You Want It by Journey

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Out of stock

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About Orveli Winery Alazani Valley Saperavi

Orveli Winery Alazani Valley Saperavi has a strong varietal bouquet and a rich palette of aromas. Its pleasant taste of ripe berries, chocolate, and vanilla is harmoniously combined with velvety tannins.

About Askaneli Winery

Askaneli was founded in 1998 by the brothers Chkhaidze. The name “Askaneli” is associated with the small, magical village of Askana, located in the beautiful region of Guria, where the old cellar, built by their ancestor – Antimoz Chkhaidze still stands. Antimoz and his whole family were in love with the vine and the divine fluid obtained from the grapes. They made their wine according to the old Georgian method, indigenously in clay vessels – called Kvevri. All members of the family were involved in this activity, especially the grandchildren who hosted guests with clay Jugs and little terracotta cups. Antimoz Chkhaidze’s cellar and several pitchers dating back to 1880 are still preserved in the village of Askana. The tradition of this beautiful family was revived by brothers Chkhaidze. The founder of the company Gocha Chkhaidze has been working for years to revitalize Georgian viticulture, and preserve and recover unique grape varieties. The winery owns hundreds of hectares of vineyards, two winemaking facilities in Kakheti and Tbilisi, and one fruit distillery in Guria. In addition to producing more than 60 denominations of wine, the winery produces aged brandy, chacha, and brut sparkling wine. Askaneli is one of the largest wineries in Georgia, which is in the top three winemaking company ratings of wine production and vine farming.

About Saperavi

Saperavi is a dark-skinned, pink-fleshed grape variety originally from the Georgian Republic. Being the Georgian-language word for “dye”, Saperavi is a particularly appropriate name for this teinturier variety.

Saperavi vines are grown widely throughout the Caucasus (the crossover between the Asian and European continents), and further afield in various regions of the former Soviet Republic. Capable of bringing intense color and marked acidity to wines, Saperavi is an ideal ingredient for cheaper blended wines. In recent decades, it has also proved itself capable of producing age-worthy (often barrel-matured) varietal wines of high quality. In Georgia, Saperavi’s best expression comes from its premier region Kakheti, near the eastern border with Azerbaijan.