Orveli Winery Alazani Valley Rkatsiteli


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Vintage: 2020
Region: Kakheti, Georgia
Viticulture: Sustainable
Grape varieties: 100% Rkatsiteli

Orveli Winery Alazani Valley Rkatsiteli has invigorating aromas of green apple, fresh herbs, and lemon. Fresh fruit notes and a light, zippy body.

Song: Be Good to Yourself by Journey

2 in stock

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About Orveli Winery Alazani Valley Rkatsiteli

Orveli Winery Alazani Valley Rkatsiteli has invigorating aromas of green apple, fresh herbs, and lemon. The wine is characterized by fresh fruit notes, refreshing acidity, and a light, zippy body.

About Askaneli Winery

Askaneli was founded in 1998 by the brothers Chkhaidze. The name “Askaneli” is associated with the small, magical village of Askana, located in the beautiful region of Guria, where the old cellar, built by their ancestor – Antimoz Chkhaidze still stands. Antimoz and his whole family were in love with the vine and the divine fluid obtained from the grapes. They made their wine according to the old Georgian method, indigenously in clay vessels – called Kvevri. All members of the family were involved in this activity, especially the grandchildren who hosted guests with clay Jugs and little terracotta cups. Antimoz Chkhaidze’s cellar and several pitchers dating back to 1880 are still preserved in the village of Askana. The tradition of this beautiful family was revived by brothers Chkhaidze. The founder of the company Gocha Chkhaidze has been working for years to revitalize Georgian viticulture, and preserve and recover unique grape varieties. The winery owns hundreds of hectares of vineyards, two winemaking facilities in Kakheti and Tbilisi, and one fruit distillery in Guria. In addition to producing more than 60 denominations of wine, the winery produces aged brandy, chacha, and brut sparkling wine. Askaneli is one of the largest wineries in Georgia, which is in the top three winemaking company ratings of wine production and vine farming.

About Rkatsiteli

Rkatsiteli is an ancient pale-skinned grape variety from the Republic of Georgia, the oldest wine-producing region on earth. Thought to have been cultivated there for several millennia, the variety remains Georgia’s most popular white-wine grape variety even today and complements the most popular red-wine grape, Saperavi.

There are three key reasons for Rkatsiteli’s popularity in the Caucasus (the geographical region that connects Europe and Asia) and Eastern Europe. First is the variety’s strong resistance to cold winter weather conditions. Second is its ability to retain good acidity, even in the hottest summers. The third is its versatility; its balance of sugars and acids makes it suitable for use in table wines, sparkling wines, sweet wines, fortified wines, and brandy.

The typical Rkatsiteli wine is best described as restrained and refreshing, with crisp green-apple flavors and hints of quince and white peach. It might be compared to good-quality Petit Chablis, or perhaps Pinot Grigio from northern Italy. Recently, it has been employed with great success in orange wines, where the grapes are left to macerate on their skins for longer, giving more complexity and texture to the wine.

Although found all over Georgia, the variety is used to make wines in greater quantity in Kakheti than in any other region. Many wine producers in the Georgian Republic are understandably proud of their winemaking heritage, in which Rkatsiteli has played a significant part. One Rkatsiteli wine, from a monastery in Kakheti, is labeled “since 1011”, with the vintage in much smaller letters below. The same label explains that the variety’s name is formed from two Georgian words: rka (“shoot”) and tsiteli (“red”). This apparently refers to the variety’s reddish stalks – a trait Rkatsiteli shares with another tongue-twisting grape, Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso.


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