Niepoort Nat Cool Bairrada Tinto


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Vintage: 2019
Region: Bairrada, Portugal
Viticulture: Organic
Grape varieties: Baga

Niepoort Nat Cool Bairrada Tinto shows a different and elegant side of the Baga variety. An incredibly light and accessible wine to enjoy.

Song: Kool Thing by Sonic Youth

Out of stock

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About Niepoort Nat Cool Bairrada Tinto

Niepoort Nat Cool Bairrada Tinto shows a different and elegant side of the Baga variety. An incredibly light and accessible wine to enjoy.

About Niepoort

The Niepoort family has been creating Port Wines since 1842. The first property in the Douro was bought in 1987 and Dirk Niepoort started a new era in the company with the creation of the first Redoma red in 1991. In the last years, Niepoort took on the great challenge of interpreting other soils and climates and acquired two properties in other regions, Dão and Bairrada. Discover the Niepoort Triangle which expresses the different terroirs: Schist (Douro), Limestone (Bairrada), and Granite (Dão).

Niepoort’s mission is to maintain its position of “niche player”, continuing to produce distinctive ports and Douro wines, combining centuries-old tradition with innovation. This combination has come to include throughout our growth wines from two other regions that have contributed to marking out the Douro – Bairrada – Dão triangle.

The most recent points of the triangle (also) “produce the goods” and occupy a place that Niepoort considered important to recover, given the potential they possess, combining the undeniable legacy of Portugal’s winemaking past with the possibilities of innovation.

The importance we attach to the need to interpret soils, climates, and grape varieties has led us on the path of Biodynamics, a relationship that looks to respect the “moods” of Nature, listening to nature in order to find a balance between biodiversity and the least possible intrusive intervention. In Biodynamics, we give particular attention to the interrelationship between all the people involved in continuous demand for respect for their idiosyncrasies and appreciation of what they have and bring of best to the Niepoort family.

“Could we do any better?” It depends. It depends on Niepoort continuing to make dreams come true, depends on the creation of the appropriate procedures, and maintains the willingness to learn what characterizes us. But above all, the answer lies in the pleasure we gain from what we do.

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