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Nestarec Forks and Knives Rosé


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Vintage: 2019
Region: Moravia, Czech Republic
Viticulture: Organic and Biodynamic
Grape varieties: Cabernet Franc and Zweigelt

Nestarec Forks and Knives Rosé is a zero/zero pink of Cabernet Franc and Zweigelt. Juicy red berry and lemon acidity.

Movie: Ratatouille

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Out of stock

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About Nestarec Forks and Knives Rosé

Nestarec Forks and Knives Rosé is a zero/zero pink of Cabernet Franc and Zweigelt. Juicy red berry and lemon acidity. Perfect for poolside fun.

About Milan Nestarec

Milan Nestarec has quickly become the star winemaker of the Czech Republic during the time we’ve been working with him. His wines display so much life, vitality, and originality, that they have become very sought after all over the world in a very short time. We are honored to have been working with his wines since 2014. The wines we are selling now represent the full evolution of his original vision: a full range of wines, from quaffable yet energetic and inexpensive wines like the forks and knives and liter bottlings of Nach and Bel to the amazingly expressive skin-fermented wines, made entirely without additions of sulfur.

Milan’s father planted 8 hectares of vines in 2001 across two wine-growing municipalities: Moravský Žižkov and Velké Bílovice. Milan studied winemaking with Aleš Kristančič of Movia, where he learned a great deal about the delicate art of making skin-fermented white wines. No herbicides are used and the vines are worked organically. He believes that gentle methods of growing grapevines and grape processing give the best result. All wines in the cellar are fermented spontaneously and they are usually vinified in oak and acacia barrels.

Milan’s chateau looks quite industrial, courtesy of its past incarnations (auto repair shop, concrete plant or coffin factory to name just a few), but it finally allows him to work with more precision and peace of mind. “At one point in the past, we had wine in like seven different places, using literally every bit of space we could find around Bílovice and Moravský Žižkov. This crazy situation led to some fun accidents – we’d probably never have WTF if it wasn’t for the summer heat in my parents’ garage that triggered the flor essential for the wine’s character – but at the end of the day, it was an incredible relief and step up to be finally able to work in one proper, big space,” Nestarec explains.

The winery also features an incredible amount of fun vintage stuff, such as an old 1960s Czech Jawa motorcycle in his father’s man cave. “I love it for its authenticity and local pedigree – that’s always important to me,” Milan radiates – it’s true that all his wines sport a Moravian hybrid variety or a grape typical for Central Europe, such as Blaufrankisch, precisely for keeping the connection to the local roots. Not that you’ll find the name of the grapes on the labels, though: “I stopped doing that some time ago, as I want people to approach the wine without any preconceptions, to enjoy it (or not) because of its actual taste and character, not based on their idea of the given variety.”