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Montinore Estate Willamette Valley Pinot Gris


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Vintage: 2019
Region: Willamette Valley, Oregon, United States
Viticulture: Organic
Grape variety: 100% Pinot Gris

Montinore Estate Willamette Valley Pinot Gris is such a crowd pleaser and all-around versatile. Bright orchard and citrus fruit.

Song: Water No Get Enemy by Fela Kuti

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Out of stock

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About Montinore Estate Willamette Valley Pinot Gris

Montinore Estate Willamette Valley Pinot Gris is such a crowd pleaser and all-around versatile. Intensely fruit-forward aromas of pineapple, key lime, mango, and kiwi. The fresh and clean palate offers flavors of citrus, Granny Smith apple, green pear, and a slight grassiness. Acidity is lively and mouthwatering. Chill it down for a palate-cleansing aperitif or pair it with just about any meal, especially veggie kabobs, grilled halibut, or fresh salads. Fun fact, Pinot Gris came about by a genetic mutation of Pinot Noir!

About Montinore Estate

Carlo and Rosa Marchesi loved, tended, and respected the land in their hometown in Northern Italy. They grew and produced their own food, made their own wine, and thrived on their sustainable lifestyle. When they immigrated to the northeastern United States, they continued this tradition while instilling this same love for the land in their grandson, Rudy Marchesi.

Rudy grew, made, and sold wine on the East Coast while raising his own family, but became captivated by Oregon wine country. Oregon was a place, he believed, that fostered creativity. It was a place where the beauty of the land could be developed in the grapes and showcased in the wines.

After overseeing operations and serving as vineyard consultant for several years at Montinore Estate, Rudy became proprietor of the 200-acre estate in 2005. Today, his grandparents’ legacy is alive and well. In the ground, in the vines, and in the bottle.

Nowadays, Rudy presides over the estate carrying on the family tradition of land stewardship. Rudy, alongside the winery’s new viticulture team, continues the long-established organic and Biodynamic® farming practices across multiple vineyards. He has assembled an experienced and passionate vineyard and winemaking team who expertly nurture the land and the vines and who turn these raw materials into beautifully crafted wines. Together they uphold the family vision of sustainability through a commitment to Biodynamic and organic farming and sustainable winemaking.

Montinore Estate wines are a celebration of a place and a culture where wine is part of the everyday. They are firmly rooted in the values of a well-lived life, one that includes the enjoyment of food and wine with friends and family. Made to enjoy now, with fresh and lively flavors, Montinore’s wines are also crafted with age-worthy structure and complexity.