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Miyoshino Jozo Hanatomoe Usunigori


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Vintage: NV
Region: Nara, Japan
Viticulture: Organic
Rice varieties: Gin no Sato, Gohyakumangoku, Hitogokochi

Miyoshino Jozo Hanatomoe Usunigori Sake is lightly hazy, rich in texture, with intense flavors reminiscent of popcorn, nutritional yeast, yogurt, and mango.

Song: Everything In Its Right Place by Radiohead

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Out of stock

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About Miyoshino Jozo Hanatomoe Usunigori

Miyoshino Jozo Hanatomoe Usunigori Sake is a lightly hazy sake, with a rich texture, and deep intense flavors reminiscent of popcorn, nutritional yeast, yogurt, and mango.

Hanatomo Usunigori is made with naturally occurring yeast. Using non-commercially cultivated yeasts like this is a rare move in the sake world. For one, it’s risky. Sake production in the last hundred or so years has grown to be a highly refined and controlled thing, producing brews of exquisite precision of flavor. Miyoshino Brewery here combines approaches of wild non-interventionism (natty yeast) with a sophisticated and unique 4-stage fermentation process (4-Dan shikomi, for the nerds). Ultimately this is just a long way of getting out that this sake is rich, complex, structured, and very wild, all at once.

About Miyoshino Jozo

Fourth-generation kuramoto Hashimoto Teruaki became the tōji at Miyoshino Jōzō in 2008 and has since turned it into one of Japan’s most innovative and creative breweries. Hashimoto sees sake brewing as part of the local agriculture, working closely with nearby farmers and adjusting his sake to the rice they grow, not the other way around, as it is in most breweries. Brewing methods are very creative and rely entirely on natural yeast, with an ethos of “helping” nature do its work. The resulting sake is full-bodied, layered, and rich in umami and acidity.