Mersel Rising Phoenix Field Blend Rosé


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Vintage: 2020
Region: Qannboubine Valley, Lebanon
Viticulture: Organic
Grape varieties: 80% Merwah and 20% Sangiovese

Mersel Rising Phoenix Field Blend Rosé is a blend of organic Merwah (Semillon) and Sangiovese made in a crunchy, light, fruit-forward style.

Song: The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy

Out of stock

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About Mersel Rising Phoenix Field Blend Rosé

Mersel Rising Phoenix Field Blend Rosé is a blend of organic Merwah (Semillon) and Sangiovese made in a crunchy, light, fruit-forward style.

About Mersel Wine

Mersel Wine introduces a unique high-altitude, cool climate wine expression, and experience from the highest viticulture area in the Northern Hemisphere ranging between 2000m and 2500m above sea level. One of the most unique viticulture regions in the world, this terrain was inhabited by Cedar and Juniper forests and it was a haven for the Nubian Ibex. Geographically, to the east, is the Temple of Baalbek, and to the west, the Cedars of Lebanon, which has the oldest cedar trees in the world. The climate is a combination of alpine and continental, with snow-blanketed rigid terrain in winter. Mersel has gravel limestone and clay vineyards on alluvial plains encircled with Juniper trees and the odd cannabis plantations. There is an abundance of sun in summer; cool nights with over 20°C of diurnal temperature variation. It is considered to be the Lebanese Mendoza. The unfortunate reality of global warming has allowed us to explore this region, a quest that was unimaginable 10 years ago.

The land in Mersel is a virtually untouched and unexplored territory since the land used to be snow-capped all year round. The realities of global warming have allowed us to grow grapes in regions that were once considered too cold. The rain, snow, or natural springs help nourish and nurture our vines naturally.

The air is very clean and dry! Hence, no herbicides, pesticides, or any toxic chemicals and pathogens need to be used. Also based on the location, one of great altitudes of 2000 – 2500m, the winery knew it would be interesting to explore cold-climate vines. Mersel is one of the highest regions for viticulture in the North Hemisphere. Mersel Wine will be the first winery in Lebanon to explore such horizons and such a unique wine-making style.

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