Meinklang Gruner Veltliner


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Vintage: 2020
Region: Burgenland, Austria
Viticulture: Biodynamic
Grape varieties: 100% Grüner Veltliner

Meinklang Gruner Veltliner is a bright and zippy white from one of our favorite producers. Apple, pear, and white pepper notes.

Song: Watershed by Foo Fighters

2 in stock

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About Meinklang Gruner Veltliner

Meinklang Gruner Veltliner is a bright and zippy white wine. It shows apple, pear, and white pepper notes. Alcoholic fermentation takes place with native yeast. During this time, the wine sits in temperature-controlled vats. When the wine is ready, it goes through light filtration before bottling. This an easy-to-drink biodynamic white wine. Meinklang shows the natural excellence of the native Gruner Veltliner variety.

About Meinklang

The Meinklang farm is located in Eastern Austria at the border of Hungary, in the World Heritage site of the National Park Neusiedlersee. This area is a very humble, rural farming region. It is a dry area with long warm springs and summers influenced by a drying wind from the Saudi Arabian peninsula. The farm sits in a lake triangle area that is flat and very fertile.

The farm grew in the 1990s with the fall of the Iron Curtain and the opening of lands over the Hungarian border. After the fall of communism and the reopening of the borders, Anneliese and Werner Meinklang, Sr.’s dream was to expand their small 40-hectare farm to over 100 hectares and cultivate the Hungarian fields that were lost once again. And when the parents realized their three sons were inclined to stay on the farm, it was a perfect time for Meinklang to expand and prosper.
Meinklang is more than just a working farm. In fact, Meinklang is one of the largest biodynamic farms in the world. It is a generational farm, with three generations of families working and thriving to bring the land to life. Each son has chosen a specific part of the farm to focus on. Werner Junior is in charge of the vineyards, Lukas oversees all of the livestock, and Hannes ensures the farm and its equipment are in working order. Besides the vineyards, there are over 5,000 heads of cattle, numerous other animals, and over 350 different vegetables and grains farmed. Meinklang is a living, breathing organism in which everything on the farm is connected and helps and nurtures itself. Diversity is key, and polycultural farming makes every part of the farm depend on and work with each other.

That biodiversity is abundant in the vineyards. The farm aims to focus on the original meaning of the term “Wein-Garten” (the German word for a vineyard, which contains the words “wine” and “garden”) by creating a true garden with fruit, vegetables, vines, and herbs. These other plants bring beneficial insects to the vineyard. The plants also make humus formation possible and restore harmony in the vines’ habitat. Plus, they bring home those fantastic fruits and vegetables after a hard day’s work.

Meinklang focuses on minimal intervention in the cellar. The fermentations start spontaneously with native yeasts from the farm. There are no harmful winemaking additives or manipulations, no fining or filtration, and little to no sulfur additions. All of the wines have been vegan-friendly since 2004. Fermentation and aging occur in wooden, stainless steel, and concrete vessels with no highly technical equipment.

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