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Mathilde et Stephen Durieu Beaujolais-Villages ‘Lou. Y es-tu?’


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Vintage: 2021
Region: Beaujolais, France
Viticulture: Organic
Grape varieties: 100% Gamay

Mathilde et Stephen Durieu Beaujolais-Villages ‘Lou. Y es-tu?’ has a very silky texture, with scrumptious wild strawberry, raspberry, and crushed violet notes. Pure and lush varietal notes shine. Partial carbonic. Aged in concrete. Bottled unfined and unfiltered with a very low dose of sulfur.

Song: A Wolf at the Door by Radiohead

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Raspberry, Strawberry




Fresh (Medium)




No Oak




Fruity & Dry


Cool Red and Orange (58°–62°)


Very Low Sulfur (less than 20mg/L)




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About Mathilde et Stephen Durieu Beaujolais-Villages ‘Lou. Y es-tu?’

Mathilde et Stephen Durieu Beaujolais-Villages ‘Lou. Y es-tu?’ has a very silky texture, with scrumptious wild strawberry, raspberry, and crushed violet notes. Pure and lush varietal notes shine. The grapes go into fiberglass vats and undergo carbonic maceration for between 5-10 days. The ferments then finish in concrete vats, and aging is in concrete. There is no punching down or pumping over, and the grapes ferment on their natural yeasts, with no additives being used whatsoever during vinification. Stephen uses 10mg/L sulfites at bottling (basically nothing). He has been vinifying naturally since 2009.

The vines are 40-100+ years old, running up moderately steep slopes. The soils are predominantly made up of granite and sand, however, many rocks of different compositions can be found in amongst the vineyards.There is no de-budding and no green harvest. Plowing and mowing occur 3 to 4 times a year. Bordeaux mix, sulfur, and seaweed are used against mildew and odium, and no chemical fertilizers or herbicides are used. Harvesting is done by hand with sorting of the grapes taking place in the vineyard.

The wine’s label includes a drawing of a wolf which, along with the name ‘Lou. Y es-tu?’ is a reference to the couple’s daughter Louise (nicknamed Lou), along with a famous French children’s song ‘Loup y es-tu?’ (‘Wolf are you there?’)

About Mathilde et Stephen Durieu

Stephen Durieu is a true son of Beaujolais, having first worked his family’s vines, and then under the tutelage of Brouilly legend Jean-Paul Lapalu. In 2000, Stephen began his domaine by piecing together a few holdings from relatives and friends in the area. Eventually, he was able to secure a humble cellar in the hamlet of St. Etienne-des-Oullières, which was accompanied by a historical plot of Gamay planted in 1918. Lu y es Tu had found its permanent home.

In 2010, he met his future wife Mathilde, with whom he runs the domaine to this day. They have slowly amassed roughly 8HA of holdings in the area south of Brouilly, all of which are classified as Beaujolais-Villages. Vines range in age from about 60-100 years old, and most are densely planted at 10,000 per hectare. In all aspects of production, the Durieu’s do everything themselves, and always by hand. The domaine has maintained Ecocert status since 2005, and any new vineyards are immediately converted to organic if not already. There is an overarching view that the stewardship of these beautiful old vines is best achieved through careful and judicious practices throughout the year.

Of course, the commitment to natural practices extends to the cellar. Nothing is added throughout the process, save for a tiny dose of SO2 at bottling. Each wine, usually representative of an individual site, is treated the same way: partial carbonic maceration, spontaneous fermentations, and aging in concrete tank. Oak is never used in the cellar. The wines are fresh, quaffable, and energetic while offering a transparent and vibrant reflection of their individual terroirs.