Le Petit Domaine de Gimios Rosé


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Vintage: 2020
Region: Languedoc
Viticulture: Biodynamic
Grape varieties: Cinsault, Alicante, Grenache, Carignan, Aramon, and Muscat a Petit Grains.

Le Petit Domaine de Gimios Rosé is a very robust pink that opens slowly in the glass but lingers on the palate for a long time.

Song: On My Mind by Jorja Smith

Out of stock

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About Le Petit Domaine de Gimios Rosé

Le Petit Domaine de Gimios Rosé is a very robust pink that opens slowly in the glass but lingers on the palate for a long time. We love the mouth feel and we love the layers of interest contributed by the Carignan which thrives in this region and the very rare, native Aramon which is rarely found in wines these days. This is a wonderful summer drink with layer upon layer of interest that lingers on the palate and provides endless enjoyment.

About Le Petit Domaine de Gimios

For a real treat, we have managed to source some of the delicious wines of Anne-Marie and Pierre Lavaysse from Saint Jean de Minervois in the Herault in the Languedoc (actually they are from the Hameau of Gimios within the commune borders of Saint Jean de Minervois). Their self-deprecating domaine name is Le Petit Domain de Gimios. Anne-Marie established the domaine in 1993 and immediately started to restore the abandoned, very old vineyards of which she was now the custodian. She tends her vines using biodynamic practices and the domaine is certified biodynamic by Ecocert.

Saint Jean de Minervois is famous for the production of sweet and dry white wines made from the Muscat grape variety. The Gimios wines are sourced from incredibly low-yielding vines (down to 8 hectolitres per hectare) hence they tend to be a bit more expensive than some, but they are very, very delicious.

The dry wines are not completely dry – they have a lovely wisp of sugar at the end which is very appealing. The sweet wines are quite luscious and show just what a great grape this is in the hands of a good winemaker. As an added bonus, these wines have had absolutely no sulfur added and haven’t had since 2002.

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