La Onda Marea en Flor


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Vintage: 2018
Region:  Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County, California
Viticulture: Biodynamic and organic
Grape varieties: 100% Cinsault

La Onda Marea en Flor is 100% Cinsault from vines over 30-years old. Bright red fruit, earthy spice, and a lingering finish. Delightful!

Song: Can You Get to That by Funkadelic

8 in stock

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About La Onda Marea en Flor

La Onda Marea en Flor is 100% Cinsault from vines over 30 years old. Bright red fruit, earthy spice, and a lingering finish. Delightful!.

About La Onda Winery

La Onda is a small project dedicated to making living wines of distinctive character. Wines taste alive when they come from vines surrounded by life. The terroir that speaks loudly here and winemaking practices don’t get in the way. La Onda embraces the beautiful and painstaking nature of growing wine from start to finish.

Dani Rozman currently farms around seven acres of vines. The vines sit on terraced slopes between 1,900-2,400 ft elevation. The vineyard is wild. It is a true collection of vines, granite, red clay, insects, bees, herbs, flowers, berries, thistles, and hungry animals. The farming is chemical-free and sees no irrigation. There is no-tillage and tons of work by hand and hand tools happen every day. The winery harvests by hand. The vines see several passes through the same vineyard sections over the course of weeks. This slowly builds the fermentations with ripe grapes over time.

This vineyard produces five wines. An additional four wines come from other organic and/or biodynamic vineyards farmed by friends. The winemaking is very simple. All the wines are either foot-stomped and left to ferment, foot-stomped then pressed or immediately pressed whole-cluster. There is no de-stemming. No additives at all. The juice/wine is almost always moved by gravity flow rather than by pump. Wines age in barrel for as long as they need. Then, bottling takes place unfined/unfiltered before further bottle aging.


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