La Ferme de Jeanne Jacquère – Molette


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Vintage: 2020
Region: Bugey, France
Viticulture: Biodynamic and Organic
Grape varieties: 75% Jacquère and 25% Molette

La Ferme de Jeanne Jacquère – Molette is grassy and bright, with aromas of foraged yellow apple, spicy white pepper, wispy smoke, and crunchy salinity.

Song: Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath

Out of stock

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About La Ferme de Jeanne Jacquère – Molette

La Ferme de Jeanne Jacquère – Molette is grassy and bright, with aromas of foraged yellow apple, spicy white pepper, wispy smoke, and crunchy salinity. The palate is complex with citrus layers, raw lemon pulp, and orange peel. There are sparky flavors of limestone, flint, and sea salt that keep the tongue perked. The wine has high, healthy acidity and an engaging textural swish. The finish is herbaceous and earthy.

About La Ferme de Jeanne

La Ferme de Jeanne is a small, organic domaine situated in the Bugey region, between the Massif Gran Colombier and the right bank of the Rhône River. This wild and rural part of France is not internationally famous for its wines but maintains a loyal group of followers. Bugey only received AOC status in 2009, which was a significant step in proving to the broader wine community that its elegant, expressive wines deserved to be taken seriously. The estate was founded in 1981 by the Balsollier family, a local farming family that planted grapes, cereals, and other fruits. They also had an ancient basket press on the farm and used it to produce small quantities of wine sold at markets and to locals for the next 15 years. Yves Balsollier eventually became so well-known for his delicious and inexpensive wines that he and his wife Jacqueline became full-time vignerons in 1995.

In 2011, Monsieur Balsollier decided to retire and eventually agreed to sell the domaine to Regis and Lynn Bernard. Regis, a lawyer from Paris, had been enthralled by wine and nature from a young age and had been looking for a project to take over for years. They have permanently in the local village, enmeshing themselves in local life. Regis now serves on the town council. The couple brought on Nadège Allouch as a winemaker to run all aspects of the product. She previously worked in multiple countries and stints in Burgundy, Alsace, Côte-Riotie, and Bordeaux before settling in Bugey.

Their vision for the domaine has always been a full conversion to biodynamics. However, they believed that full conversion to organic farming was an important first step before a full conversion could be completed. The vines are all fully organic and are in the process of securing biodynamic certification. Nadège works with minimal intervention in the cellar, with a maximum of 30mg/l of SO2 added only when necessary. No other additives are used in the wines. The wines are humble, country wines, with a liveliness and freshness that evokes the beautiful region from which they hail.

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