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Hiyu Tzum Elder Pinot Noir


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Vintage: 2018
Region: Hood River, Oregon, United States
Viticulture: Organic and Biodynamic
Grape varieties: Gewurztraminer and Pinot Noir

Hiyu Tzum Elder Pinot Noir is a very darkly colored, meaty, almost Cote-Rotie like version of an Oregon Pinot Noir. Hearty and decadent.

Song: Gooey by Glass Animals

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Out of stock

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About Hiyu Tzum Elder Pinot Noir

Hiyu Tzum Elder Pinot Noir is sourced from vines planted on a 1.5-acre section of the site in the east hills of Hood River. The vineyard is adjacent to Panorama Point with extraordinary views of Mt. Hood and the valley below. This part of the site faces due south and is extremely well exposed. It makes a very darkly colored, meaty, almost Cote Rotie like Pinot Noir. The conditions in 2018 amplified these qualities. This wine was almost too intense early in its life, but two years of aging in small casks have tempered its power and brought a haunting floral complexity to accompany the smoldering dark fruit.

About Hiyu Wine Farm

Hiyu is a 30-acre farm in the Hood River Valley. Guided by nature and inspired by ideas from biodynamics and permaculture. The farm tends vines, raises animals, gardens, cooks, and makes wine to reveal an experience of place. The vines are planted in silt loam over basalt on a southeast-facing hillside above the Hood River. The site lies just 22 miles from the summit of Mt. Hood and the wines are shaped by the weather from the mountain. The place is closest in climate to winegrowing areas in the Alps; the Savoie, Valais, and Valle d’Aosta.

About the Vineyards

The property is composed of 14 acres of vines, 4 acres of field and pasture, .5 acres of market garden, 4 acres of forest, and a pond. The rest of the acreage is on grounds that are being moved toward food forests. Outside a little work beneath the vines with a scythe, there is no mowing or tilling and any control of vegetation is done by the pigs, cows, chicken, ducks, and geese that live with the vines during different parts of the year. They direct the diversity of plants on the site by seeding directly into the dense growth or behind the pigs as they root around in search of food.

Hiyu makes a single cut off the vines at pruning, but there is no hedging, green harvest, leaf pulling, or other interruption of the vines growing cycle. They spray 85% less material than a typical organic or biodynamic vineyard. There is no sulfur used. The primary control of mildew is with cinnamon oil and the other sprays are mixed herbal teas.

The plantings have as much biodiversity as the understory. The property is divided into half-acre blocks, each planted to a field blend from a different moment in the genetic history of the grapevine. There are over 80 different varieties of grapes and many more clonal selections planted on the farm.