Hana Makgeolli Hwaju Brooklyn Rice Wine


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Vintage: 2020
Region:  Brooklyn, New York
Viticulture: Organic
Rice varieties: Medium-grain white rice and sweet white rice

Hana Makgeolli Hwaju Brooklyn Rice Wine is a naturally fermented, unfiltered rice wine made with organic rice and herbal infusions.

Song: Next Level by aespa

Out of stock

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About Hana Makgeolli Hwaju Brooklyn Rice Wine

Hana Makgeolli Hwaju Brooklyn Rice Wine is a naturally fermented, unfiltered rice wine made with organic rice and infused with hydrangea and chrysanthemum flowers.

Inspired by the traditional herbal and flower-infused sools that can only be found in Korea, the Hwaju is a sayangju (4-stage fermented alcohol) and made exclusively with organic medium-grain white rice, organic sweet white rice, nuruk (traditional Korean wild fermentation starter), and filtered New York water. The Hwaju is 12% ABV, dry, earthy, delicately floral, and bright with naturally occurring lactic acid and effervescence.

Best kept refrigerated or stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Shake gently to incorporate sediment and enjoy cold.

About Hana Makgeolli

Hana Makgeolli is an artisanal Korean rice wine producer based in Brooklyn, NY. Their products celebrate heritage and are a labor of love. By using only organic rice, nuruk, and traditional brewing methodologies the brewery is able to achieve complex flavor profiles that show to breadth and depth of the entire sool category. Their brews strike an intricate balance between deep grain flavors and naturally occurring lactic with stronger alcohol by volume that is characteristic of jeongtongju that can only be found in Korea. The experience is like the warm embrace of home.

Alice and John set their sights on being the first domestic producer of traditionally made, artisanal makgeolli in 2017. Together, they are champions for Korean food and drink and plan to further establish and expand the Korean sool category here in the US.


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