Guy Baudin Fume de Milieu Pouilly-Fume


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Vintage: 2018
Region: Loire Valley, France
Viticulture: Biodynamic
Grape varieties: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

Guy Baudin Fume de Milieu Pouilly-Fume is an old school savvy-b from biodynamic vineyard. Flinty, citrusy, and very bright in acidity.

Song:  New Morning by Bob Dylan

Out of stock

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About Guy Baudin Fume de Milieu Pouilly-Fume

Guy Baudin Fume de Milieu Pouilly-Fume is an old-school savvy-b from a biodynamic vineyard. Flinty, citrusy, and very bright in acidity.

About Domaine Guy Baudin

In his vineyard in the middle of Les Loges, Guy Baudin, born into a family of wine-growers having worked the vine since 1785, has always attached importance to cultivating his vines while respecting nature. The domain is 12 hectares, of which 11 hectares is Sauvignon Blanc. Manual harvesting, grape sorting, careful cultivation, cultivated vines. The wine is left on the lees without the addition of yeast or must.

Even though this domain is in the famed Pouilly Fumé appellation, the little village of “Les Loges” looks like an ordinary small town not a thriving wine center in the Upper Loire region. It is a cluster of small stone houses almost touching each other. The latest generation of the Baudin family to operate this vineyard brings to the task the sensibility of a born-and-bred vintner and the innovativeness of a man of the modern age.

Pouilly-Fumé is made purely from Sauvignon Blanc . At maturity, the grapes are coated with a grey bloom, the color of smoke, which is why the vines and the wines are often described as “white smoke.”

“Fumé” also refers to the smoky bouquet — the renowned ” gunflint aroma” — bestowed by the terroir vineyards of Pouilly/Loire.


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