Greenbar Burnt Orange Bitter Soda 4-pk


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Vintage: NV
Region: Los Angeles, California
Viticulture: Organic
Ingredients:  Water, organic botanicals, organic cane sugar, carbon dioxide

Greenbar Burnt Orange Bitter Soda NA is full of zest & vigor, this bitters + soda tantalizes with the heady flavors of sweet orange, and smokey tea.

Song: Shotgun by Soccer Mommy

3 in stock

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About Greenbar Burnt Orange Bitter Soda 4-pk

Greenbar Burnt Orange Bitter Soda 4-pk is full of zest & vigor, this bitters + soda tantalizes with the heady flavors of sweet orange, bitter grapefruit, and smokey tea.

About Greenbar Distillery


Meet Melkon Khosrovian and Litty Mathew, Greenbar Distillery Founders and Spirit Makers

When Melkon and Litty met in graduate journalism school at USC, their bright, young eyes locked over a spilled cup of cafeteria coffee, and making liquor was not on the radar. Not even on the radar’s radar. They were headed to the bright lights of network TV news or New York magazines.

Melkon: I dropped my coffee on the first day of class and Litty was the only one who came to my rescue.

Litty: Still do.

Melkon: I liked her.

Litty: Still does.

That was more than twenty years ago. But journalism wasn’t what the “spirits” had in mind. Nope. They were destined to stay in Los Angeles because once they’d met, they couldn’t leave each other. They tried hard, though, splitting up more than thirty times before realizing they couldn’t break orbit.

In the meantime, they graduated and took jobs in marketing and PR. But neither were truly thrilled. Melkon Khosrovian, the serial entrepreneur half, was itching to start a company. Litty Mathew, the true writer, wanted to experience life and write a novel. So, they broke up. Again.

Litty: I moved to Paris to go to cooking school.

Melkon: I started a financial tech company.

Litty: But we missed each other and after a few months, reunited in Los Angeles. This time, for good.

Plato tells a story of the Other Half which Melkon and Litty like to paraphrase and possibly get wrong: in the beginning, humans were powerful and shaped like balls — with four hands and feet, two faces, two genitalia. But these humans were also arrogant and decided to challenge the gods. Zeus wasn’t about to put up with that. To lessen their influence, he cut them in half. Since their natural form had been destroyed for eternity, the two parts continue to wander the earth, looking for their matching half. This yearning to be whole again we call love.

So Melkon and Litty matched up their halves and (finally) got engaged. This is where their craft spirits odyssey begins.


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