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Flora Prosecco Brut Nature


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Vintage: NV
Region: Veneto, Italy
Viticulture: Organic
Grape varieties: 100% Glera

Flora Prosecco Brut Nature is a bone-dry sparkler, with mountain flowers, and honeysuckle mixed with wild tart apples. Very feisty!

Movie: Jazzy Belle by Outkast

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3 in stock

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About Flora Prosecco Brut Nature

Flora Prosecco Brut Nature is made by the family winery Col di Luna, in the pre-Dolomites of Vittorio Veneto. This is a Brut Nature Prosecco, bone-dry, mountain flowers, and honeysuckle mixed with wild tart apples. The crown cap closure is the best there is to keep the wine fresh and fizzy; it’s actually more ideal than the classic cage and cork. It is also quick to open and enjoy. Salut!

For generations, Col di Luna has been dedicated to wine-growing and has lived on the hills surrounding the estate, passionately cultivating the land and growing the traditional local grapes. Love for making wine has been a part of the family heritage since the distant 1780s when Antonio Maria Casagrande Cosmo moved from Venice to the hills north of the city and planted the first vineyard. The grapevine has always represented the basis of the family’s existence, and in time it evolved into their reason for living. Col di Luna doesn’t just produce wine, they live it.

Col di Luna is located in the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco-producing area. Due to its geographic position, this beautiful and unique area has enormous potential for producing distinctive great sparkling Prosecco wines. The winery believes good wines come from grapes that bear the characteristics of the place they originated from, and that’s why they allow the wines to express the earth that grows them naturally. The harvest begins in the middle of September. Testing for the proper ripeness of the grapes begins at the end of August. The harvest starts when it is confirmed that the level of sugar and acidity is ideal and stable. They believe that man is an important and irreplaceable link in the life cycle of grapevines, and all harvesting is done by hand. The grapes are then taken immediately afterward to the cellar for processing.