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Flavia Etna Rosso


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Vintage: 2018
Region: Mount Etna, Sicily, Italy
Viticulture: Organic
Grape varieties: Nerello Mascalese

Flavia Etna Rosso is made from 100% old-vine Nerello Mascalese grown organically on the slope of Mount Etna. Smoky dark juicy fruit, with notes of grilled meat and spice. A fantastic value as it’s in a LITER bottle, the ONLY wine in Liter coming off the volcano.

Song: Sweet Young Thing Ain’t Sweet No More by Mudhoney

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Out of stock

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About Flavia Etna Rosso

Flavia Etna Rosso is made from 100% old-vine Nerello Mascalese grown organically on the slope of Mount Etna. Smoky dark juicy fruit and spice.

About Flavia Wines

Extreme wines by nature since born above all limits, they are in fact wines produced by heroic viticulture in impossible conditions such as those of Mount Etna. The peculiarities of these wines derive mainly from the sandy-volcanic soils and from the microclimate that gives precious aromas to the grapes. Nerello Mascalese gives rise to reds of absolute finesse, Carricante is ideal for producing a white wine with a particular flavor that collects all the scents of the sea on the slopes of Etna.

These wines, with their lively freshness, are born from the historic vineyards owned by the Rallo family since 1860. We are located between Contrada Birgi and Paolini, a stone’s throw from the Stagnone Reserve and the historic Marsala Salt Pans. The presence of the sea contributes to the constitution of soils rich in minerals and with high sapidity, characteristics that give life to unique wines with Sicilian flavors and aromas.

That for wines is a passion that was born in the Trapani area and has its roots in distant times, when the great-grandfather Francesco Rallo, in 1860, moved to the Sicilian countryside and began the processing of his first plots of land in the Baiata district. Since then with grandfather Giacomo, the passion, the preparation, and the love of doing things with the heart have been handed down, from father to son, over the years up to today.

Today Giacomo and Flavia, two young wine producers of the fourth generation of the historic Rallo family, interpreting the values ​​of their founder, spread the culture of good wine and quality products of their territory by dedicating themselves completely to the creation of native Sicilian wines. The passion for work, excellent intuition and commitment have led to the production of organic and natural Sur Lie wines, unfiltered, and with very low sulfite contents. Unique wines, such as the Flavia Rebellious Wines line, an expression of the identity of a territory rich in traditions, flavors, and aromas.