Fabio Ferracane Macerato


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Vintage: 2019
Region: Marsala, Sicily, Italy
Viticulture: Organic
Grape varieties: 100% Catarratto

Fabio Ferracane Macerato is made from the indigenous grape Catarratto with 19 days of skin-contact. Fresh citrus and salinity.

Song: Take It Any Way I Can Get It by Joan Osbourne

Out of stock

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About Fabio Ferracane Macerato

Fabio Ferracane Macerato is made from the indigenous grape Catarratto with 19 days of skin contact. The extended skin contact allows the extraction of tannins from the berries, thus lending its character to the wine. Macerato Catarratto is very low in sulphites (13mg/l), all of which naturally occur during fermentation. It’s a wine that brings back memories, but also a wine we actually remember, an evolution of the kind of wine the local peasants once produced in the Marsala countryside.

About Fabio Ferracane Wines

“It was thanks to my oenology studies that I realized that true wine is not chemistry but territory.” — Fabio Ferracane

With a passion for slow cultivation and the uniqueness and beauty of the local territory, Fabio Ferracane builds on his familial history to create dynamic natural wines. These wines represent a persistent determination to craft wine that eschews the biochemical process instead of placing emphasis on the delicate relationship between winemaker and wine.

Tending to the vineyard passed down through generations, Fabio Ferracane studied oenology and viticulture at university before realizing his philosophy that true wine is not chemistry but territory. The vineyard now includes 5 hectares with two more on the way where the mission to make natural wine motivates each day of work tending the grounds and working the cellar.

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