Éric Texier Chat Fou


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Vintage: 2018
Region: Rhone Valley, France
Viticulture: Practicing organic
Grape varieties: 60% Grenache, 15% Cinsault, 15% Carignan, 10% Chasselas

A light body red perfect for chilling. Red berry aromas and flavors with hints of mint, spice, and mineral. Just a solid, easy drinker.

Song: Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas

Out of stock

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About Éric Texier Chat Fou

Éric Texier Chat Fou is a light body red perfect for chilling. Red berry aromas and flavors with hints of mint, spice, and mineral.

About the Winemaker, Eric Texier

It is no exaggeration that Eric Texier is one of the most important people in Northern Rhone. He is not important in a boisterous or regal sense, but rather from an evolutionary perspective. Originally a Bordeaux native, Eric has lived in or around Lyon since 1979. Overall, he is a jovial, energetic, and fun-loving person. Eric just wants his wines to make their drinkers happy. He is also a boundary pusher. Eric questions his own work for the sake of moving viticulture forward.

Eric is a trailblazer, having put the all but extinct regions of Brézème and Saint Julien en Saint Alban on the map. He experiments with concepts you rarely if ever hear about elsewhere. Eric found acidity in Marsanne through amphoras. He is in favor of cover crops over plowing. There is a focus on “infusion” style macerations. Eric works his own grafts and is rediscovering forgotten grapes. He hopes these are adaptable to the very real threat of climate change.

Strongly opinionated, he is not afraid to ruffle feathers or call people out. Eric will yell bullsheeeeet in his heavily accented but perfect English. He always backs his claims with serious research, careful thought, and true care for the subject matter. You’d best think twice before writing him off. I mean, the guy used to be a nuclear engineer!

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