Elios Modus Bibendi Grillo


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Vintage: 2018
Region: Sicily, Italy
Viticulture: Organic
Grape varieties: Grillo

Elios Modus Bibendi Grillo has a very clear identity, obtaining a medium-bodied wine with good acidity. The fruit is citrus-driven.

Song:  Fearless by Pink Floyd

Out of stock

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About Elios Modus Bibendi Grillo

Elios Modus Bibendi Grillo has a very clear identity, obtaining a medium-bodied wine with good acidity. Grillo is one of the most interesting native Sicilian grapes, though difficult to grow and manage. Its very name “Grillo”, which in Italian means grasshopper, indicates the “hopping” nature of the variety, which often does not ripen uniformly and so the production of wine is not constant.

In the past, it was not respected as a grape since it was harvested when over-ripe and used for blending in the production of Marsala or vinified in small amounts, in imitation of French wines produced with Sauvignon Blanc to cater for international tastes.

About Elios Modus Bibendi Wines

Elios was born from the passion of two young Sicilian friends, Guido Grillo and Nicola Adamo. Both were dissatisfied with their jobs, fed up with working for other people’s dreams. Guido and Nicola have a love for natural wines. Despite coming from different backgrounds, what they had in common was a love of nature and of Sicily and the desire to revitalize their families’ agricultural holdings, which up to that point had been under the thumb of the industrial groups to which we sold our grapes and olives for next to nothing. The 8-hectare vineyard is located in the rolling hills west of Palermo. Modus Bibendi was born from the strong conviction that wine should be made through natural vinifications and little to no intervention or use of chemicals.

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