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Elios Glou Glou Rosso


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Vintage: 2020
Region: Sicily, Italy
Viticulture: Organic
Grape varieties: Nerello Mascalese

Elios Glou Glou Rosso is an easy-going, clean, refreshing, simple wine. Fresh red fruit and spice notes. Enjoyed chilled on summer days.

Song:  Drunk By Noon by Sally Timms

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Out of stock

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About Elios Glou Glou Rosso

Elios Glou Glou Rosso is an easy-going, clean, refreshing, simple wine. A wine to drink as a “snack” or aperitif. It is a wine to be drunk freely and light-heartedly. This flavourful wine, with fresh red fruit and spice notes, can be enjoyed chilled on scorching summer days.

About Elios Modus Bibendi Wines

Elios was born from the passion of two young Sicilian friends, Guido Grillo and Nicola Adamo. Both were dissatisfied with their jobs, fed up with working for other people’s dreams. Guido and Nicola have a love for natural wines. Despite coming from different backgrounds, what they had in common was a love of nature and of Sicily and the desire to revitalize their families’ agricultural holdings, which up to that point had been under the thumb of the industrial groups to which we sold our grapes and olives for next to nothing. The 8-hectare vineyard is located in the rolling hills west of Palermo. Modus Bibendi was born from the strong conviction that wine should be made through natural vinifications and little to no intervention or use of chemicals.

About Nerello Mascalese

Nerello Mascalese is a red-wine grape originating in the Etna region of Sicily, which remains its primary and almost sole home today. It is not yet very well known outside Italy, but most critics consider it a star-class wine. The grape is now thought to be a crossing of Sangiovese and another (as yet unidentified) variety. Nerello Mascalese appears in the wines of several Italian DOCs but is the major player in the Etna Rosso and Faro DOCs. Even there, it can, by law, be blended with not over 20% of Nerello Capuccio and other local varieties, though monovarietal bottlings are common. Many producers of serious Nerello Mascalese view blending with a certain amount of scorn, considering it a noble and complex wine on its own. This wine is one of the rising stars of our time and is well worth investigating by those not yet familiar with it.

A typical Nerello Mascalese tends to be light in color and fairly alcoholic, causing some to compare it to Pinot Noir, with which it shares—besides its general nature—the quality of being drinkable young yet gaining greatly from careful aging.