Domaine Partagé Bibi 1.5L


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Vintage: 2021
Region: Savoie, France
Viticulture: Organic and Biodynamic
Grape variety: Gamay and Mondeuse Noir

Domaine Partagé Bibi 1.5L is a magnum-sized bottle of Gamay and Mondeuse Noir. Fine floral notes of violets, pepper, graphite, and juicy red fruits.

Song: Djangologie by Babik Reinhardt

2 in stock

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About Domaine Partagé Bibi 1.5L

Domaine Partagé Bibi 1.5L is a magnum-sized bottle of Gamay and Mondeuse Noir grown in Savoie, France. Fine floral notes of violets, pepper, and undergrowth on the nose. Juicy on the palate, fine, graphite, juicy red fruits, great structure, and good length.

About Domaine Partagé

Gilles Berlioz is gifted in the arts of viticulture and vinification, and this is evident in the way he treats his 5-hectare domain as though it were a most precious garden. ‘A must-have domain’, according to La Revue du Vin de France. It was recently renamed ‘Domaine Partagé’, which is very telling of the philosophy followed here.

It is not simply a vineyard that the Berlioz family grows, but a veritable garden that is cared for with all the love and respect a winemaker should have. In 1990, Gilles inherited a little, family vineyard of Jacquère and Mondeuse vines. Since this was not enough to live off, Gilles was also a landscapist. Little by little, he expanded his domain to the size of 7 hectares in 1999. At this time the domain was still following ‘conventional’ growing techniques, with just half a hectare treated organically. In 2004, Gilles decided to reduce the size of his vineyard in order to work entirely organically. And this year, the domain has taken another step forward, as it now has a Demeter certificate in biodynamics, a true feat in a climate as demanding as that of the Savoie mountains.

The Berlioz family’s little vineyard is located in a dreamy landscape 14km south of Chambéry and looking upon the southern face of the Massif des Bauges, perfectly exposed. It is made up of three, distinct islands of parcels:

  • Bordiot: 85 acres of Mondeuse, 15 acres of Persan
  • Les Châteaux: 3 hectares of Chignin-Bergeron
  • Les Crays : 50 acres of Jacquère and 30 acres of Roussette de Savoie

The grape varieties are chosen based on the properties of the parcel (exposure to the sun, type of soil, etc) in order for the resulting wine to be of the best quality possible and to reflect the characteristics of its terroir. The entire domain is worked with horses, and the golden rule is ‘one cuvée per parcel’, with the original properties of each one highlighted in the wine. These wines are matured in egg-shaped vats made of fiberglass. The vinifications are totally natural, with no added yeasts, and the wines are matured very delicately.

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