Domaine des Rutissons Verdesse


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Vintage: 2020
Region: Savoie, France
Viticulture: Organic and Biodynamic
Grape varieties: 100% Verdesse

Domaine des Rutissons Verdesse is a delicious small production natty alpine white with striking minerality and heady aromatics.

Song: Talk to Me by Stevie Nicks

2 in stock

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About Domaine des Rutissons Verdesse

Domaine des Rutissons Verdesse is a delicious small production alpine white with striking minerality and heady aromatics. Floral, citrus, and chalky, with bracing acidity and juicy lemon.

About Domaine des Rutissons

Domaine des Rutissons is set amid the rugged mountains of Isère in the Grésivaudin Valley. Located between Savoie and the Rhône, Isère is one of France’s smallest and most isolated wine regions, with fewer than 3,000 hectoliters produced from the entire vignoble. Laurent Fondimare took over his family domaine of less than a half-hectare in 2010 and was soon joined by Wilfrid Debroize. Between the two of them, they’ve cobbled together about 4 hectares, most of which are planted to the absurdly rare varietals of the valley: Verdesse, Étraire de la d’Huy, Persan, Servanin, and Joubertin, among others. They also work with a few better-known vines like Jacquère, Gamay, and Viognier. The jewel of Rutissons, however, is the Verdesse vine, whose total global cultivation come to just 13 hectares. The viticulture at Rutissons is strictly organic and the domaine is in the process of converting to biodynamics. All work is necessarily by hand, fermentations are all natural and take place mainly in large neutral oak.

About Verdesse

Verdesse is an ancient, yet little-known, whitish-green grape variety native to the Isère department in eastern France. Today, the variety is limited almost exclusively to the areas covered by the Bugey and Savoie AOCs. Although typically blended, Verdesse is occasionally made into single-variety Verdesse wines, which fall under the lower VDP (IGP) classifications. It is only permitted as a minor blending component (10 percent or less) in still and sparkling white wines made under the Savoie Abymes AOC.

Verdesse vines produces small to medium-sized conical grape bunches. The juicy berries are small to medium in size, and have good resistance to botrytis (they are, however, rather susceptible to powdery mildew and downy mildew). Verdesse vines thrive in clay and limestone soils, making the variety well suited to mountainous areas such as Savoie.

Verdesse wines are considered high quality, with a big mouthfeel thanks to healthily high levels of alcohol. They are highly aromatic and vibrant, with lifted green and floral notes. Despite these attractive qualities, Verdesse is most commonly blended with other varieties rather than beng permitted to shine alone. Common blending partners include Jacquere, Aligoté, Altesse, Chardonnay and (less frequently) Marsanne.


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