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Divella Gussago NiNì Riserva


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Vintage: NV
Region: Franciacorta, Lombardy, Italy
Viticulture: Organic
Grape varieties: 50% Pinot Noir, 50% Chardonnay

Divella Gussago NiNì Riserva is a powerhouse of a zero/zero Franciacorta that brings complexity, depth, and a lingering finish.

Song: Feel A Way by H.E.R.

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Out of stock

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About Divella Gussago NiNì Riserva

Divella Gussago NiNì Riserva is a saline-packed sparkling wine that reminded Alessandra so much of her father, who grew up basking in the salty and misty air of the port city of Bari, that she named this cuvée after him. A powerhouse of a zero/zero Franciacorta that brings complexity, depth, and a lingering finish. This mineral-driven wine also evokes notes of bruised fruit and a lightly oxidative quality. 

About Divella Gussago 

At twenty-nine years old, Alessandra Divella is the Italian answer to grower Champagne, on track to upend the industrial farming practices rampant in Franciacorta. Her vines have been organic from the start and her two hectares, on lease for thirty years from an older neighbor, teem with life, including rosehips and praying mantises. The aim is to eventually move toward permaculture. Grapes are always hand-harvested and treated gently.

Alessandra herself has a quiet confidence that belies the adrenaline rush of her wines: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir so saline and bracing they make your heart race. She does not come from a winemaking family but rather stumbled into it through interactions with winemakers that made her “feel at home.” She does, however, draw from her family heritage when it comes to detail and precision: her Italian father (for which her NiNì cuvée is named) and Swiss mother (Clo Clo) are both academics.

Zero sulfur / zero dosage, Alessandra’s wines are 100% méthode champenoise so dialed into their provenance of clay and limestone that your mouth will salivate for minutes (if not hours) afterward. With less than a decade of winemaking experience under her wing, Alessandra has already achieved pioneer status within the region as one of the first estates to farm organically and the first to be female-led. The exceptional level of wines produced is mind-melting, especially considering that this is only the beginning.