Dila-O Kakheti Saperavi


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Vintage: 2020
Region: Kakheti, Georgia
Viticulture: Organic
Grape variety: 100% Saperavi

Dila-O Kakheti Saperavi is fermented in kvevri, unfiltered, and low-sulfite. Aromas of violets and plum, dark brambly fruits, black pepper, and earthiness.

Song: Another Girl’s Paradise by Tori Amos

3 in stock

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About Dila-O Kakheti Saperavi

Dila-O Kakheti Saperavi is fermented in kvevri, large-clay jars buried underneath the ground, An for a fantastic value. A lovely dark color, aromas of violets and plums followed by dark brambly fruits, a touch of black pepper, and earthiness on the palette. A young fresh Georgian kvevri red with finesse.

About Orgo Winery

Orgo is an artisan winery located in Eastern Georgia that specializes in the 8,000-year-old Georgian Qvevri wine-making tradition and sources all their grapes sourced from at least 50-year-old vines. Making wines from old vines in Georgia is a rare and difficult project since during soviet times most older vines were ripped up and replaced so as to produce more grapes. Orgo is a labor of love and is one of the only examples of old vine Georgian wines. The concentration of the old vine grapes and the skill of the winemakers is a unique combination for Georgian wines. Orgo produces distinct visions wines that follow the ancient Georgian qvevri style but raise it to new heights of elegance.

This small artisan winery, located in the Kakheti AOC in eastern Georgia, is a project between the famous Georgian winemaker Gogi Dikishivili and his son Temur Dakishvili. Temur’s youth and energy coupled with Gogi’s experience and wisdom create a unique partnership, one that both honors the centuries-old Dakishvili family winemaking tradition, yet makes it new again each year. The mission of Orgo and this partnership is to make singularly unique wines that add their own elegance and refinement to the 8,000-year-old Georgian wine-making tradition.

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