Didier Grappe Clash Jura Brut


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Vintage: NV
Region: Arbois, Jura, France
Viticulture: Organic
Grape varieties: Chardonnay and Savagnin

Didier Grappe Clash Jura Brut is a natural sparkling wine with a clean, ripe bouquet, with orchard fruit alongside crushed stone and bright, lemony acidity.

Song: The Guns of Brixton by The Clash

1 in stock

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About Didier Grappe Clash Jura Brut

Didier Grappe Clash Jura Brut is a natural sparkling wine with indigenous yeasts for the first alcoholic fermentation. A clean, ripe bouquet with dominant aromas of apple and pear, and secondary fruit blossoms notes. Crisp and bone-try on the palate, with more orchard fruit alongside crushed stone and bright, lemony acidity.

About Didier Grappe

Didier Grappe is one of the most interesting vignerons producing organic, natural wines in the Jura region of France. A calm, focused, and slightly-introverted winemaker, he produces some of the most expressive, singular, and exciting wines in the region.

In 2007 Didier returned to his home in Jura and found a few hectares and space for his winery in Saint-Lothain. These holdings have grown since then and now stand at 4.7 hectares including plots of Pinot Noir, Trousseau, Chardonnay, Savagnin, and around 1.3 hectares of his newly found viticultural passion – hybrid grape varieties. Hybrids allow Didier to see out his pure vision of organic farming with no spraying and deliver wines which for him are the future of winemaking.

In the winery, Grappe is very hands-off using a traditional basket press and fermenting spontaneously in stainless steel tanks followed by aging in tank or oak barrels/casks depending on the Cuvee. All of Didier’s wines are bottled without clarification or filtration and with absolutely no sulfur added. This delivers wines with directness, vibrancy, and freshness which makes them dangerously drinkable.


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