Claire Naudin Le Clou 34 Aligoté


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Vintage: 2019
Region: Burgundy, France
Viticulture: Organic
Grape varieties: Aligote

Claire Naudin Le Clou 34 Aligoté tastes like baked golden apples, bruised yellow pears, and lavender skies. Creamy and rich on the palate.

Song: Have Love Will Travel by The Sonics

Out of stock

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About Claire Naudin Le Clou 34 Aligoté

Claire Naudin Le Clou 34 Aligoté tastes like baked golden apples, bruised yellow pears, and lavender skies. Creamy and elastic on the palate leaving no crease uncovered. Lingering. One of our best white wines at this moment!

About Claire Naudin

Claire Naudin comes from a very long line of winemakers. Her ancestors were tending vines in Burgundy as far back as the 1500s. In her own words – “Many generations of winemakers have built our domain. One after the other, they knew how to work the vine and express the best of the fruit. Each new generation has been a source of renewal and dynamism, of questioning and new projects.” She took over management of the domaine from her father in 1999. As an advocate for sustainable farming, she completely rejects the use of chemicals. Claire has also been vocal about her objection to manipulative methods in the cellar. Although she farms organically, she has not sought out certification.

About Claire’s Winemaking Philosophy

Claire works as natural as possible, focusing on sustainable viticulture. She uses natural yeasts, as opposed to cultured ones. The cellar is gravity-fed, meaning grapes are not damaged before they ferment. No filtration or fining happens, as she prefers to rack the wine a few extra times before bottling. This means fewer traces of additives and a more natural wine.

And while Claire works organically, she’s purposefully not certified. She believes organic accreditation can lead to a standardization of wine. This is something she is keen to avoid. Instead, Claire seeks to express her freedom from these designations. She embraces her independent spirit and the purest love of her craft.

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