Celler Tuets Tot Negre


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Vintage: 2018
Region: Catalunya, Spain
Viticulture: Organic
Grape varieties: Tempranillo and Syrah

Celler Tuets Tot Negre shows dark blackberry and black cherry aromas, lots of soil, and roasted meat aromas. Full, lush body of black fruit.

Song: What I Need by Goodbye June

Out of stock

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About Celler Tuets Tot Negre

Celler Tuets Tot Negre shows dark blackberry and black cherry aromas, lots of soil, and roasted meat aromas. Full, lush blackberry fruit.

About Celler Tuets 

Tuets Vi Natural makes natural wine in northeastern Spain. Located high in the hills of the southernmost border of the Spanish appellation D.O. Penedès. Tuets practices traditional organic farming with minimal intervention winemaking. The estate is large but the majority is forest land with pine trees. Shrubby garrigue and nature are present all around.

The center of the estate is the namesake Mas Tuets. This farmhouse dates from the 1700s and stands close to the newly-built cellar. Pronounced too-EHTS, Tuets Vi Natural can be a play on words in Catalan. Catalan is the language spoken in this region of Spain, Catalonia. Tuets Vi Natural plays on “tu ets vi natural”, meaning “you are natural wine”.

About Alberto Domingo

Celler Tuets owner Albert Domingo decided in 2012 to make natural wines. Albert inherited the estate. He has an emotional attachment to this farm. Albert believes in traditional methods of caring for his family’s vineyards. He brings a holistic, spiritual approach to farming and cellar work. If he works feeling centered and at peace, then his vines will be healthy and balanced. In every step of the way, he consciously, deliberately decides how to best manifest the fruit. Such is why the majority of his wines are of a single grape. These wines genuinely speak of the vines, the soil, and the human hands from which they come. Naturally made, mindfully made.

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