Casa Belfi Naturalmentefrizzante Rosso


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Vintage: 2021
Region: Veneto, Italy
Viticulture: Organic and Biodynamic
Grape varieties: 100% Raboso

Casa Belfi Naturalmentefrizzante Rosso has an expressive bouquet recalling scents of plum, raspberry, rhubarb, and licorice on a body of fine bubbles.

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1 in stock

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About Casa Belfi Naturalmentefrizzante Rosso

Casa Belfi Naturalmentefrizzante Rosso is a lively purple wine, with fine bubbles and slightly cloudy since it is unfiltered. Its expressive bouquet recalls scents of plum, raspberry, rhubarb, and licorice. The sip is lively, imbued with freshness and balanced tannins. The finish is long and pleasantly bittering.

About Casa Belfi

Maurizio Donadi of Casa Belfi is a biodynamic farmer and a scrupulously natural winemaker going starkly against the norm of typical prosecco. Located in Valdobiaddene, Donadi works by the biodynamic calendar and uses biodynamic preparations to ensure the presence of biodiversity and microorganisms in the vineyard. His sparkling wines are the col fondo method to keep in tune with the ancient winemaking traditions of Donadi’s region. In the cellar, he works primarily with stainless steel, though he does experiment with amphora in certain cuvees. All fermentations are spontaneous with native yeasts and the wines are neither fined nor filtered.


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