Cantina Indigeno Casette Bianco


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Vintage: 2021
Region: Abruzzo, Italy
Viticulture: Organic
Grape varieties: 100% Trebbiano

Cantina Indigeno Casette Bianco is a new and funky skin-contact wine from the wild bros of Abruzzo. Tangy and salty with dried orchard fruit notes.

Song: This Charming Man by The Smiths

3 in stock

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About Cantina Indigeno Casette Bianco

Cantina Indigeno Casette Bianco is a new and funny skin-contact wine from the wild bros of Abruzzo. Tangy and salty with dried orchard fruit notes.

About Cantina Indigeno

Cantina Indigeno is located near Teramo, Abruzzo region, Central Italy. Cantina Indigeno is one of Italy’s most exciting natural wine producers, working with minimal intervention and organically farmed, mostly Montepulciano and Trebbiano grapes. Their natural wines are nothing short of amazing. Always different, always evolving in the glass.

About Trebbiano

Trebbiano Toscano is sanctioned for use in about 85 of Italy’s 300-plus DOCs, but just three DOCGs (confirming its status as a grape of quantity rather than quality). It is most prevalent in Tuscany, as implied by the suffix. It was once so widespread there that it was used even in Tuscany’s famous red wines. This practice was so common that the authorities were forced to endorse it in the appellation laws. As of 2014, Trebbiano Toscano was still permitted (up to 10 percent of the blend) in red Carmignano.

Trebbiano Toscano goes by many synonyms in its home region, including Procanico, Brucanico, and Santoro. Others only strictly apply to one particular biotype. The variety is relatively common in Umbria, under the name Procanico, and plays a key role in the wines of Orvieto. Neighboring Lazio is the only region where this workhorse is used in wines of DOCG quality, specifically Frascati Superiore and sweet Cannellino di Frascati. In both, Trebbiano Toscana is blended with its most common partner, Malvasia Bianca.

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