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Cali Wine with Arash Selects


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Thursday April 28 th • 6:30 to 8:30

Join us for an informal tasting of six wines from some fabulous California winemakers. We are excited to partner with the team at Arash Selects to bring you these wines. We’ll have new to Florida winemakers Wavy Wines and Marioni Wines as well as new bottlings from Les Lunes/Populis. Learn about the wines and the winemakers. See you all then!

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About Les Lunes/Populis:

At Les Lunes Wine they lease their own vineyards, work their own vines and built their own cellar. They are blazing a own trail like the pioneering winemakers of California. Their goal is to grow wines that pay respect to the great wines of California’s past. They do very little in the cellar because they spend time in their vineyards. Proper pruning, precise suckering, well-timed treatments and thoughtful weed management lets them minimize pesticide in the vineyards. They do this to preserve the indigenous microbes on the grapes and in the soils, which leads to healthier and more complex wines that don’t need adjusting or stabilizing.

Why Populis? Because it’s all about you, friends and allies, brothers and sisters who want to drink delicious, honest wine. There is not enough affordable wine with soul! They work to find amazing vineyards all over Northern California where the farming is top notch. Herbicides? NO! Synthetic pesticides? No! Organic farming? Always! Old vines? Duh! Complex, out of this world terroir? FOR SURE! And once they hunt down these special vineyards they do all they can to not screw it up — and by that they mean no additions, no intervention, no tomfoolery– just straight up fermented juice.

Wavy Wines:

Wavy Wines started as a friendly conversation between Eliot Kessel and Jude Zasadzki while celebrating Eliot’s daughters birthday in 2019. “We were drinking natural wines from all over the world trying to fathom how we could start a project that begins to resemble these styles of ‘Vin de Soif’. Easy summer wines was top priority. After many conversations about where we should start, we came across an affordable source of Pinot Gris from an organic vineyard in Chico, California. It was pretty set in stone we were going to make a skin contact/ramato style of wine. Coupled with a little bit of Chardonnay from Scribe Estate Vineyard we were in business.

Marioni Wines:

FARM TO BOTTLE: Natural wine, to them, means more in the vineyard and less in the cellar. The work they put into farming intentionally allows them to take a hands-off approach to winemaking, adding nothing and taking nothing away. Leading to a pure representation of place in every bottle.

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