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Black Lamb Conscious Exit Piquette


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Vintage: 2021
Region: Kvemo Kartli, Georgia
Viticulture: Organic
Grape varieties: Saperavi, white grape skins

Black Lamb Conscious Exit Piquette is a departure from the standardization of (wine) reality. Saperavi wine, white grape skins, spring water, and cider.

Song: Good Day Sunshine by The Beatles

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About Black Lamb Conscious Exit Piquette

Black Lamb Conscious Exit Piquette is a departure from the standardization of (wine) reality. It is made from fruit and spring water. What fruit and in what combination is variable version to version. It is made by Beka Gotsadze of Gotsa Family Wines in Georgia. When making wine in kvevri there is often a substantial amount of wine left in the kvevri that traditionally is distilled. Conscious Exit is an alternate outlet for this material. Producing simpler, less alcoholic wines made from leftover grape pomace is an old practice. Basically, water is added to the skins allowing the residual sugar remaining in the skins to be extracted and fermented. The results, called piquette in France, would be lighter, wild tasting, and more refreshing than full-strength wine. This is a style of beverage we seek out when cooking or socializing, especially as an alternative to beer.

This second version of Conscious Exit was made in August 2021 from Saperavi wine, skins from various white varieties, a little spring water, and fermenting cider. The wine is bottled while still fermenting so that it carbonates naturally.

About Gotsa Family Wines

From the winemaker:

“Our family vineyard, in the Asureti Valley of Kvemo Kartli, is fantastic! I planted it in 2012 with 14 different Georgian grape varieties. There are no other vineyards for kilometers. We are Demeter certified and have only farmed our vineyards according to the principles of anthroposophist Rudolph Steiner and our own “forest philosophy”. We take from the vineyards only juice, even skins and stems return to the vineyard to be composted. Our marani/cellar is in the Kiketi Mountains. The cool conditions are perfect for wine-making! Wild fermentation happens in traditional kvevri: large, buried earthenware amphora. We let the microorganisms do their jobs and they give us REAL wine. “ – Winemaker and Architect, Beka Gotsadze