Bakari Frizzante Confondo Bianco


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Vintage: NV
Region: Veneto, Italy
Viticulture: Biodynamic
Grape varieties: Cortese

Bakari Frizzante Confondo Bianco is made in the méthode ancestrale style from Cortese grapes with a touch of Garganega must.

Song: Let Go by Sharon Van Etten

2 in stock

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About Bakari Frizzante Confondo Bianco

Bakari Frizzante Confondo Bianco is a méthode ancestrale style from Cortese grapes. Juicy white pulp fruit predominates, ripe apricot stands out. The decisive bubble gives the wine a sensation of final freshness. Spontaneous fermentation happens in steel vats. The second fermentation occurs in the bottle. There is an addition of must from dried Garganega grapes. Low alcohol content, indigenous yeasts, and SO2 below 35 mg / L. Not filtered.

About Bakari Wines

Bakari was born from the desire of five professionals in the world of wine to offer something that wasn’t there. The winery wanted a line of wines more natural and at an affordable cost. The wines meet a specific set of requirements. They must be easy to drink, democratic, for the people, and without ethical and cultural superstructures. In short, good and natural wines for everyone. The experience that gave birth to this project is that of Raffaele Bonivento. His past includes working in Vinnatur and Porthos. Today he is the wine selector and president of Meteri. Meteri is a young natural wine portfolio. Stefano Menti is the winemaker here. His family business is in Gambellara. He works in a biodynamic regime and is an interpreter of Garganega.

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