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Back to Basics: A History of Wine in Six Glasses


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Saturday, February 24th • 2:00 to 3:30

Are you ready to time travel back to the very beginnings of winemaking? No, you will not need a DeLorean or a blue English police box. We will do our time traveling through a tasting of six wines and Tim’s fun knowledge drop of how, when, and where wine has made a difference in history.

Join us for an interactive class about the beginnings of wine as Tim takes us on a journey from the Caucasus Mountains through Greece, western Europe, down to South America, and then up the west coast of North America, all the while covering over 8000 years of transforming grapes into something more than just a beverage.

The history of fermentation, grape development, regional focus, vines transportation, technology impact, and much more will be discussed in this new class.

This fun, engaging class will give an overview of every region we land on, tasting a great example within the context of the information, and give you a new appreciation for the history of wine.

But hurry, this class is limited to just 20 curious wine lovers. So, get your tickets early before we run out of space!

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Out of stock

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